Standard Network Cameras  are ideal for a wide range of surveillance applications.
Zoom Cameras up to 30x optical zoom and focus for long distance security.
PTZ Cameras  are versatile due to the Pan - Tilt - Zoom functionality which covers extreme contrast environments and Low Light.
OZT Cameras  take versatility to the next level by going further than a pan so that a complete overview is available. Joysticks and mobile applications allow tracking and maneuvering.
Covert Cameras are small and modular so they can be disguised and hidden away.
180º/360º Cameras have a hemispheric fisheye within a dome casing to cover a large .

Video Surveillance Analytics  turn surveillance footage into actionable business intelligence through tracking retail customer behavior, POS and much more.
NVR a network video recorders store of your digital and analogue CCTV footage while serving as a surveillance video management that can integrate with Access Control and POS systems.[1] 
CCTV Security Systems even though network cameras have become standard, we still support CCTV security systems.
DVR digital video recorders record analogue surveillance footage from CCTV security camera systems[2] 
Hybrid NVR/DVR for those who have analogue systems they’d to keep while upgrading to network cameras, Hybrid Security Recorders can encode analogue footage for digital NVR integration. [3] 
Cloud Video Surveillance  for sites, cloud video surveillance provides surveillance as a service to make surveillance recording easy to while making footage viewable from any handheld personal electronic device.
Mobile Camera Surveillance for transportation and logistics, mobile camera surveillance travels wherever your vehicles go.

Digital Signage on public view monitor allows you to remotely program, manage and update advertising content unique to each location.

Hardware is warranted and we guarantee installation. Plus. all software updates and phone support is free.

Loss Protection Solutions provides business security systems and surveillance video hardware for several industries and applications. Based in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, we integrate surveillance systems across the country for a wide range of applications such as distribution centers, logistics, retail, healthcare, transportation and more. Regardless of size and scope, our expertise makes surveillance easy to choose, install, configure and operate.

Our security cameras, encoders, management software and analytics create a turnkey surveillance system, or easily integrate into an existing security infrastructure. We provide OEM hardware, installation and support that goes beyond the call of duty, so you can rest easy knowing your assets are protected. Surveillance product overview:

Surveillance Systems

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