Network Cameras

NVRsare servers that record network based surveillance footage, manage the stored footage and integrate with advanced features such as Access Control and Analytics.

Cloud NVRare bridges that relay digital surveillance footage to cloud based surveillance as a service provider.

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High Definition Commercial Surveillance Cameras come in dome, bullet, cube and box form factors. The cameras are fixed in place for a single field of view, but they can have a fixed or variable focal lense. These cameras look like normal commercial security cameras and are often in plain site.

Zoom Cameras look like standard commercial surveillance cameras but with a larger variety of lenses that allow for optical zooming, control over focus and wide angle viewing.

PTZ Cameras Pan - Tilt - Zoom to surveil large areas. They also work well in extreme lighting conditions with high contrast or low light, so they are suitable indoors and outdoors. Many can be controlled with joysticks for easy maneuvering.

OZT Cameras Overview + Zoom + Track are dome shaped cameras that can be used to track an entire 360º area.

Covert Cameras are modular or disguised to provide discreet surveillance that blends into the environment.

180º/360º Cameras are fixed in place with a hemispheric and fisheye lense to view an entire area in one view. They are dome shaped cameras normally used indoors on walls and ceilings.

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Digital video surveillance is also efficient. Beyond features and functionality, network cameras provide cost savings. Detect motion & audio, track visitors and alert operators, so security personnel can do more than monitor surveillance feeds. The hardware required for IP surveillance cameras is normal PC components, so future compatibility is guaranteed through the ONVIF IP industry standard.

Low Cost Hardware

As camera technology advances, businesses will continue to have affordable access to high quality surveillance on existing IP based surveillance systems. The advantages of network surveillance are clear - better quality video, future compatibility, more control and access to next generation features. 

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Types of IP Surveillance Cameras 

IP Surveillance Cameras, also known as Network Cameras, are the new standard for commercial security. Image quality and cost are the most important factors to consider when upgrading surveillance. The trend is clear, businesses want higher resolutions than traditional CCTV standard definition cameras can provide at lower prices. With IP/network cameras, there are at least 1,000 additional lines of resolution when compared to analogue cameras. 

Improvements in image quality offer more than a good view, they also enable intelligent video surveillance for functions such as access control, building management, fire alarms, automation and visitor tracking analytics. Digital surveillance footage from commercial security cameras is accessible through any personal smart device with authorization. Digital video enables hard drive storage on-premise, at remote locations, or in the cloud.

Digital Surveillance Recording and Video Management

Hi-Resolution Digital Surveillance