The most advanced surveillance in the world is developed and deployed in the United States for transportation. Fleet owner and operators have access to next generation technologies that protect assets and keep everyone safe. Backup Camera Systems reduce reversing accidents by 60 to 80 percent. Telematics reduce operating costs. And, wireless over the air (OTA) updates through the cloud reduces maintenance to 0.

Fleet management systems keep track of all of your vehicle units, assign routes and get live video. Monitor public transportation systems such as buses including the estimated number of passengers and their locations with Video evidence. Mobile cameras can detect driving events, such as a stolen vehicle, and respond in real-time.

Mobile cloud-ready cameras use video analytics to optimize business intelligence and operation management through comprehensive reports and real-time event handling. Mobile video analytics aggregates big data into dynamic and easy-to-understand insights, so executives make the right managerial decisions.

Mobile Camera Surveillance

Mobile Camera Surveillance

Telematic technologies have quickly become standard on fleet vehicles because they can transmit important sensor information that saves money and lives. Knowing trucks’ locations and recording events in real time can alert management and drivers when something happens. Tracking G-Shock events is smart, but sensor tracking only helps after an event. Often, the worst has already happened, which can be too late.

Mobile video surveillance saves lives by warning drivers and operators before an emergency. Onboard infrared cameras with eye and facial recognition coupled with cloud analysis that uses proprietary algorithms scientifically track a driver’s fatigue/distraction level in real time. Audio will play notifying the driver to wake up or keep their eyes forward while their seat vibrates. Fleet managers can receive a notification and video of the event on their smartphone app, text message and email.

If you want to easily protect your fleet, we can integrate rugged, wireless hardware as simple as a backup camera or as sophisticated driver behavior system.

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