Hybrid NVRs integrate with existing CCTV systems by encoding analogue footage into a digital format so that analogue and digital cameras can coexist on one system. They digitally encode analog video for storage on hard drives, just like an IP-based camera.

Surveillance DVRs record analog signals from CCTV surveillance on tape just like old VCRs. Like CCTV cameras, they aren’t as common anymore due to the advantages of Hybrid NVRs.

  • To be clear, analog surveillance cameras have no advantages over IP/network cameras, so there isn’t a reason to buy them new. If you are considering replacing analog cameras, IP/network cameras are the right choice. 

Many businesses have made significant investments in analog cameras, but that doesn’t mean they should replace everything simply because IP/network based surveillance is standard. CCTV analog cameras use a coaxial connection or analog wireless signal to relay footage. Instead of throwing out analog cameras, businesses can integrate CCTV surveillance footage into a digital surveillance infrastructure through Hybrid NVRs.

Analog cameras come in the same forms as their digital counterparts, but with a lower resolution and less versatility. Today, CCTV surveillance is referred to as analog or standard definition (SD) surveillance cameras because even the HD analog cameras max out at 1080P (1920 x 1080) and appear blurrier than their IP counterparts to the naked eye. As the wireless distance increases, the resolution drops even further. But with wireless CCTV cameras coupled with a Hybrid NVR, businesses still have man modern functions such as digital storage, ethernet power control, remote panning, tilting and zooming, audio and motion detection. 

Analog Surveillance Recording and Video Management

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As camera technology advances, businesses will continue to have affordable access to high quality surveillance on existing IP based surveillance systems. The advantages of network surveillance are clear - better quality video, future compatibility, more control and access to next generation features. 

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